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XoomPoint Cloud LMS is a multilingual and multicultural social e-learning platform for businesses and educational institutions

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In the development of Xoompoint our passion is to enable easy and enjoyable learning experiences for all learners.

XoomPoint is a cloud-based service and is quick to take into use. XoomPoint integrates with corporate HR systems and provides extensive reporting possibilities. By supporting a wide variety of learning materials, XoomPoint is ready for interactive content. Add XoomPoint to your cloud office as XoomPoint is Office 365 compatible.

Please take a look at the site and the XoomPoint Partner site for to learn more about our offerings!

You can contact XoomPoint Sales Department directly to schedule a demo session.

XoomPoint Enterprise Cloud LMS

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Release 2016

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Neoxen Visual Modus for SharePoint

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Version History | Read Me (PDF)
Release 10.58 Build 39

Language Packs for Visual Modus

Finnish Language Pack for Neoxen Visual Modus


Swedish Language Pack for Neoxen Visual Modus


French Language Pack for Neoxen Visual Modus


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