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Turn-key Azure Solution - QX Enterprise Cloud

QX Enterprise Cloud is not like the traditional cloud solutions with browser based applications and with the familiar datacenter hosted services. It is much more than that. It is based on global Microsoft Azure services. It can be used to implement strong authentication, IDM/IAM solutions, automation, VDI implementations as well as Big Data and IoT solutions - easier, faster, more agile and with lower cost.

QX Enterprise Cloud includes IaaS- and PaaS capacity services, such as Windows and Linux virtual servers, web sites and databases. Local Active Directory can be extended with two-way synchronization to Azure Active Directory service, which allows single sign-on (SSO) to thousands of SaaS applications. In addition, there is a self-service features such as password reset and management of teams.

The service can also be connected to strong authentication via a mobile device (Multi-Factor Authentication). Authentication can be connected as well to Azure Active Directory as to the company's existing IT infrastructure with a variety of identity management solutions.

Microsoft Azure customers can manage in what part of the world their data is located. For example, the files are not transferred outside the chosen continent. Azure is compatible with the EU Data Protection Directive (95/46/EC). With Azure Trust Center you can discover how you can control where your data is stored.

The service can be flexibly connected with the other Microsoft cloud services, such as Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online.

Whether you need a flexible solution for your website or temporary virtual machine capacity, or even if you need a global virtual datacenter, QX Enterprise Cloud is the flexible and cost-effective solution for you. It scales up and down with your needs.

Neoxen Systems is one of the only "Triple - D" Microsoft Gold Partners in Finland (Data Analytics, Data Platform, Datacenter). Our premier QX Enterprise Cloud services allow you to save in time and expenses. Please contact us for further information.

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Virtual Datacenter - Virtual Machines (IaaS)

All servers that are running virtually now, or could be run, are technically potential candidates for transfer to the cloud platform. QX Enterprise Cloud services can run your own virtual servers almost without any changes, just the same way as in private cloud solutions. Virtual servers can be connected with your own network through a virtual network. Virtual machines have a number of options for operating systems, such as different versions of Windows Server and many Linux distributions. Deployment process for a virtual server is easy. Either launch a new environment directly from the menu of images or transfer your private virtual server image to the cloud.

Harness the power of Virtual Datacenter quickly and efficiently.

Quickly deployable virtual machines scale according to your needs, both upwards and downwards. A VPN connection can be implemented easily with your existing IT environment and thus rapidly extend your network and Active Directory to Azure. With QX Enterprise Cloud services we make it even easier for you !

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Platform as a Service - Cloud Services (PaaS)

QX Enterprise Cloud is a comprehensive application platform service. It is a subscription completely managed by you. It is a flexible platform that integrates, if required, completely with your internal IT environment. Your familiar Microsoft Visual Studio tools and know-how can be fully utilized when developing Azure applications. Applications developed with QX Enterprise Cloud can take full advantage of the flexibility, scalability and automation provided by the Azure platform.

The application service platform utilizes Microsoft Azure Web Apps service. It allows you to build virtually any type of cloud solutions you need.

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Azure Web Apps allows you to build virtually any type of cloud solutions you need.

Websites - Azure Web Apps

Public websites are consumed through the open internet and therefore cloud is the natural location to place them. QX Enterprise Websites uses the Microsoft Azure Web Apps service. You can fully leverage the popular open source content management and publishing systems, such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Umbraco.

Implementations can be done with all modern tools as HTML5 compatible and with responsive user interface to ensure proper functionality with smartphones, tablets and computers.

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Reach more customers with mobile friendly responsive websites using the most flexible website platform

Should I use Microsoft Azure or a national datacenter?

We give you either one. Or both. Microsoft Azure or national datacenters located in Finland. Turn-key solution from us. We integrate your new services with your existing environment, so that you can concentrate on your core business. Neoxen is a leading Microsoft Azure and Office 365 expert. We are one of the only "Triple - D" Microsoft Gold Partners in Finland (Data Platform, Data Analytics and Datacenter). You can focus on developing your business, we take care of the technology, get it up and running for you and give you the best-in-class support and maintenance service.

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Learn also more about our national datacenters. Azure or a datacenter located in Finland? Or both. Turn-key solution for you to get up-to-speed.