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Empower your mobile workforce
Take full advantage of your Office 365

Power-up your Office 365 SharePoint

How to get up-to-speed with your SharePoint Online? You want to harness all the power and boost your business, right? We have a solution for you. With Neoxen SharePoint Fast Track package you are ready to go efficiently. Start working with your team, partners and customers using always up-to-date information and documents. Wherever you are and wherever they are. With any device.

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Get your SharePoint Online to boost your business from day one.

Cool branding for your Office 365 SharePoint

We will upgrade your Office 365 intranet and extranets with great new branding. We can utilize your visual guidelines or your existing web design. Ready-to-use responsive Neoxen Designer Themes ensure rapid production. Best of all - it's all responsive - supporting tablets and mobile devices.

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Get modern branding for your Office 365 SharePoint with Neoxen Designer.

Responsive Office 365

Don't you have mobile friendly services yet? Or, are they a separate system with additional maintenance overhead? We have a solution for you - your own Office 365 subscription with Neoxen service package. Serve all your users and save time and money in maintenance with Neoxen Responsive Site Upgrade.

Your personnel and partners are on the move - at customers, in meetings and traveling. More and more of your people need to use your vital services with tablets and mobile devices. Reach your mobile workforce and expand your business. Leverage your full business potential.

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Get more business with responsive mobile services with your Office 365 subscription.

Plannning to purchase Office 365?

Neoxen Technical Deployment Package is your hassle-free solution. We integrate your Office 365 subscription with your infrastructure. Just start using your state-of-the-art email, calendar, instant messaging and cloud storage service. Get your intranet, extranet and collaboration solution in production as a true turn-key solution. Concentrate on expanding your business, we will make the technology work for you.

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Get your Office 365 subscription integrated with Neoxen Technical Deployment Package.