• Consulting
    & Analysis Services

Our Mission

We provide consulting and analysis services responding to your needs based on rapid evolution in technology. Our aim is to give you new ideas, skills and methods with precise and accurate plans how to put them in practice.

We are specialists with the latest Microsoft and Bentley technologies - whether on-premises or in the cloud. Our services conform to our world-class Neoxen Modus Methodology for onsite consulting, analysis and project management.

What Do We Offer?

Are you planning to harness new technology either on-premises or in the cloud?

Are you looking for a proven partner?

  • Requirements analysis
  • Technology and infrastructure analysis
  • Security analysis and identity management
  • Project evaluation and assessment
  • Risk analysis

Professional Services Portfolio

Our full portfolio of Professional Services offers solutions in all key areas, such as technology consultation, project management, implementation and deployment, custom development, visual design and documentation, quality assurance, support and maintenance.

Our goal is to deliver efficient assistance to you to make your software solutions more business- and user-focused, responsive and robust to meet the ever-increasing demand for competitive advantage.

We respect our customers and we listen to your needs. Most of our work is business critical and highly confidential, typically under mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). We appreciate this trust and carry out all our commitments with respective dignity and consideration.

After in-depth analysis you may choose our services to implement your new solution with all the necessary phases. It is a turn-key solution for you.

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