• Neoxen Systems
  • Posted March 4, 2015

PRESS RELEASE: Digital Services Program lead to new innovations and a new startup - XoomPoint Corporation

Neoxen Systems and Context Learning Finland have today officially announced a new joint venture company - XoomPoint Corporation. At the same time the new company announced General Availability of the new XoomPoint product and services offerings.

”I have worked over a decade developing everything related to e-Learning very closely with corporate clients. I have seen the urging need for turn-key solutions. Especially now when there is a huge global transformation in technology and business models. Therefore I’m very happy to announce the birth of XoomPoint Corporation. Our current and new customers can find all the next generation e-Learning services under one roof.” tells Kristian Marttinen, CEO at XoomPoint Corporation. ”We already have a multi-billion enterprise client using this new product line in their training which covers over ten thousand users in five business lines in 30 countries worldwide. Also one of the largest and most well-known Finnish digital services company is already relying on our technology and services in their staff training – and more is coming. Pretty good for a startup company!”

”Digile’s Digital Services program was the incubator and innovation framework for us and our partners. The close cooperation with other industrial partners and academic research enabled all this to happen. The innovations created in the program are behind this joint venture.” tells Esa Tervo, CEO at Neoxen Systems. ”We have integrated our technology and services to a uniquely unified family of offerings. Neoxen has a tremendous technology knowhow and great platforms. Context Learning in the other hand has excellent digital content production process model, huge expertise and pedagogical knowledge. Spiced up with the new innovations created in Digital Services program, this is a winning mixture!”

”We are probably the most experienced e-Learning content production company in Finland with experience of about 500 course productions. I’m extremely thrilled to combine this expertise with the technological high-end knowhow from Neoxen. XoomPoint makes activating learning materials and e-Learning courses available to companies of any size.” says Ari Ketola, CEO of Context Learning Finland and continues. ”This brings new possibilities also to the content development, as we can now create content that interacts with the cloud platform like never before. This enables huge possibilities in utilizing Big Data, Learning Analytics and integrations with crucial business systems.”

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