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Success in today's business environment requires industry members to work together, integrating their products, services and technologies for increased customer value. Whether your company creates operating systems, application frameworks, tools or applications, you and your customers can benefit from the right strategic alliance. An alliance with Neoxen Systems can add robustness to your product's feature set, as well as speed your time-to-market and enhance your market saturation.

The Neoxen Alliance Program (NALP) brings together industry-leading organizations, both commercial and non-profits, that have a common goal of making software development accessible to all computer users. By forming an alliance with Neoxen Systems, organizations can leverage the power and reach of the Neoxen family of tools to develop products that are right for the global audience.

Membership in the Neoxen Alliance Program is by invitation only and the members enjoy numerous benefits free of charge.

Key Benefits

Free Advertising

As a member you get your logo and the description of your organization in the Neoxen Partner Pages.

Media Relations

Maximize your media relations effort by contacting Neoxen Systems for a quote from a key executive to include in your important announcement to the press.

Product Exposure

Prospective customers can find information on your products and services on Neoxen Partner Pages, Neoxen CD-ROMs and press releases.

Beta Program

Alliance members utilizing Neoxen technologies are provided access to all non-public beta programs and internal bug reports.

Technical Support

Alliance Membership provides technical support for implementation of Neoxen technologies.

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For more information about Neoxen Alliances, please contact: partners@neoxen.com.