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Consulting Partners

Members of the Neoxen Consulting Partner Program (NCP) work together with Neoxen Systems to architect, transform, manage, develop and deploy business solutions. If you identify your company in any of the following categories, this may be the right option for you.

System Integrators

Systems Integrators' principal value-add is the ability to define and implement large, complex, multi-vendor systems and applications. Systems Integrators maintain practices in multiple vertical industries and offer technical and strategic professional services. System Integrators are viewed by the customer as vendor neutral and have great influence on the Information Technology buying decisions made by the senior executives of their customers. Their services range from general contracting and project management to total end-to-end technical integration management.

Professional Services Providers

Professional Services Providers have skilled technologists who can assist with a broad range of IT projects. PSPs will do some front-end strategy work, but most often derive a significant percentage of their revenue from project design and implementation.

Management Consultants

Management Consultants work with executives of companies to assess, develop and implement business, technology, product, Human Capital Management or IPR strategies. Management Consultants focus on process re-engineering and recommend, but typically do not implement, technology.

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For more information about Neoxen Consulting Partner Program, please contact: partners@neoxen.com.