• Looking for a
    Proven Technology Partner?

Looking for a Proven Partner?

Relying on a proven partner with standards compliant Project Model frees your in-house resources to concentrate on your core business, saving your time, resources and money.

Researches demonstrate that, for many companies, a dedicated visualization and documentation team is expensive to set up, difficult to maintain, and hard to justify.

We have a solid track record amongst our public sector and business customers. Our assistance can help you to successfully deliver professionally documented and visually attractive solutions.

Due to the transient nature of most visualization and documentation requirements, companies with an in-house team normally have a difficult time forecasting a steady state Level Of Effort (LOE) and find themselves unable to meet demands during peak periods.

Easy-to-use and attractive user interface is a must in today's world. Intuitive, self-guiding usability and compliance with the modern user interface guidelines requires dedicated expertise to design.

Well-targeted and efficient documentation is indispensable for the success of your solution. However, writing professional documentation is both an art and a craft. It requires technical understanding as well as analytical and writing skills.

Our Dedicated Specialists

Our team is specialized in visualization and writing both highly technical documentation as well as user documentation. Our team of professional designers and writers consists of well-experienced engineers and usability specialists.

Why Neoxen?

We make sure your user interfaces and documentation are professionally adjusted to the intended audience and purpose. We study the ways in which your solution and its documentation will be used and should be used. As a result, your solution will be intuitive to use and visually appealing, and the documentation is accurate, user-friendly and concise.

With the emergence of new publishing technologies, choosing the right publishing medium is vital. Not only because the medium has a strong impact on the efficiency of your documentation, but also because it determines the cost of maintaining and publishing documentation. We help you to select the most appropriate medium and provide documentation tailored to the medium of your choice.

You can contact Neoxen Sales Department directly for further details.