• Looking for a
    Proven Technology Partner?

Looking for a Proven Partner?

Incorporating our services with Microsoft and Bentley technologies in your development strategy can help you to meet cost-reduction targets while improving the efficiency of your business.

Relying on a proven partner with standards compliant Project Model frees your in-house resources to concentrate on your core business, saving your time, resources and money.

We have a solid track record amongst our public sector and business customers. Our assistance can help you to successfully deliver professionally implemented solutions to your users - with the quality, performance and stability they expect.

Our Dedicated Specialists

Our development teams are led by business managers with executive experience. The project manager will have business management or senior management experience and will understand your business environment and your needs. Our developers are experienced technologists who understand what is possible to accomplish using software technology and what is not. They have extensive experience delivering customized, optimized solutions to diverse organizations where ever the robustness and scalability are essential requirements.

We provide you with immediate engineering expertise and project management to ensure your project meets deadlines and budget. Engineers are available to assist in all phases of a development or implementation project, from initial scope of work or requirement specification to coding, validation to quality assurance, from design to implementation. Comprehensive technical, on-site project management resources are available to augment resource constrained technical organizations.

Why Neoxen?

With our services, you will gain access to the collective expertise of highly qualified business managers, systems and network engineers and developers with proficiency in the business requirements, industry standard compilers, platforms, development tools, e-learning and portal applications, server development, networking and more.

Gain Competitive Advantages

  • Business driven development with measurable business objectives
  • Develop thorough understanding of your technical, budget and schedule requirements
  • Complete agreement on the technical specification, delivery dates, and business terms
  • Creative development program with close communication among business and engineering teams
  • Professional visual user interface design
  • Professional solution certification process
  • Professional solution documentation process
  • Long-term support and maintenance services with final technology
  • Rapid development - shorten your time-to-market and time-to-money
  • Priority access to the broadest range of platform development skills
  • Technical project management, coding, documentation, testing and validation expertise

You can contact Neoxen Sales Department directly for further details.