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Health and Safety Policy

Last Revised: September 16, 2017

Health and Safety has been given increasing emphasis as there is a general understanding that improving these provisions subsequently improves motivation and productivity and produces loyalty amongst employees. Additionally, there are fewer industrial problems.

Consequently, it is our aim to produce a policy that has a genuine impact on safe working and employee health rather than to view this as a necessity.

According to our principles of continuous improvement, this policy will be reviewed annually and it encompasses:

  • All employees
  • All visitors
  • The public and surrounding buildings
  • Users of our solutions and services
  • Contractors and temporary personnel
  • Any other people that we are in a position to affect
  • Industry Specific Risks

Industry Specific Risks

We believe that the following specific risks are particularly relevant to our business:

  • Uncontrolled stress and work overload
  • Inadequate ergonomics of desk and seating positions
  • Visual display units, improper illumination
  • General untidiness, inaccessible fire exits, badly maintained premises, inadequate lighting, drinks spillages, improperly stocked first-aid box
  • Electrical, twisted cables, overloaded power sockets, trailing cables, switching and loose connections, damaged cables
  • Buildings and Environment

Employer Responsibility

We accept that as an employer we carry the prime responsibility for implementing this policy and also for safeguarding our employees against those risks not specified in this policy. We have an appointed Safety Officer who is effectively our in-house inspector. The Officer has a legal duty of consultation with the employer and is also aware of the Code of Practice for Safety Representatives which recommends that they keep themselves informed. Our Officer also encourages co-operation between the employer and employee and will bring issues to our attention.

Employee Responsibility

A duty is placed on employees whilst they are at work, to take reasonable care for the safety of themselves and others, as well as their health. Therefore, the employee is legally bound to comply with any safety instructions issued by the employer. We are also fully empowered to dismiss employees who refuse to obey safety rules on the grounds of misconduct, especially if the possibility of such a dismissal is explicit in the disciplinary procedure.

Implementation and Enforcement

We maintain a written Safety Policy, which is publicly available to all relevant persons. Detailed inspection and testing of electrical equipment is regular as well as safety drills and circulation of fire instructions. Ergonomics specialists audit our working environment annually and an extended health care program covers the whole personnel.

We continuously extend and improve this policy. The globalization and fiercer competition within the industry have awakened the consciousness of the importance of health and safety. A growing number of companies worldwide are transforming their practices to more employee motivating directions. It is our common belief that joint co-operation and understanding in these issues will play a vital role not only in growing the global economy, but also the employee commitment and ultimately, the business success.

Contacting us

We welcome your comments regarding this Health and Safety Policy. If you have questions about this statement, please contact us.

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