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Corporate Mission and Values

Last Revised: September 16, 2017

Mission Statement

We deliver the latest cloud and device technologies and supporting services in a humanly understandable form. Our aim is to create a sustainably favorable business environment for our customers and partners to enable growth and profits.

We are a sustainability focused company ensuring equality of opportunity and social responsibility in all our operations. We have a number of published corporate policies which guide our daily work. We empower our employees to enjoy their work and encourage them in their personal and professional growth.

We deliver value for money for our shareholders, partners and customers, and, ultimately, jobs and prosperity for the society.

Our Values

The things we hold in common to guide our behavior and decision-making are articulated by our values:

  • Customer Focus

    We listen. We are driven by customer loyalty. We earn the respect of our customers by evidencing our firm commitment to their thorough satisfaction. Our work practices and procedures are under constant improvement using latest technologies and methods. We listen carefully to understand the needs and respond with solutions and services that inspire our customers.

  • Inspiration

    We vigorously bring ideas to life. Radical inspiration and brilliance are the key in everything we do. Our exceptional spirit excels in our work and in the solutions and services we deliver to our customers.

  • Environment

    Our dynamic work environment is exciting and constantly challenges us with opportunities for personal and professional growth and progress. We respect, trust and encourage one another, celebrating the successes of both individuals and teams.

  • Integrity

    We value integrity, reliability and honesty. We work consistently to better understand our customers and partners in order to ensure there is quality and dignity in everything we deliver.

  • Delivery

    We take all the actions necessary to deliver quality products and services on time. We have the agility and passion of a start-up company, and the experience and support of an established business.

  • Growth and Success

    Continuous revenue growth, sustainable profits and responsible management of costs are the cornerstones of our financial credibility and the standards we hold ourselves to.

  • Community

    We actively contribute to the communities where we live and work, supporting and sponsoring alliances and initiatives that promote the values we believe in.

Contacting us

We welcome your comments regarding these Corporate Values. If you have questions about this statement, please contact us.

Mission and Values

We deliver the latest cloud and device technologies in a humanly understandable form. We create value to our customers and enable growth and profits.

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Code of Conduct

We communicate our common set of ethical values and business principles to our stakeholders in our daily pursuit of building the Information Society.

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Privacy Policy

As a trusted provider of sustainable technology and development services, we understand your desire to protect personal information.

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Equality Policy

We aim to provide social responsibility and accountability for the decisions that we make in respect of potential and present partners and employees.

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Environment Policy

We are aware of the impact that the modern culture has on the exterior environment. We understand that we need to successfully balance economy and ecology.

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Health & Safety Policy

We understand that improving health and safety provisions subsequently improve motivation and productivity and produce loyalty amongst employees.

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Quality Policy

We apply international quality assurance standards to our technology and product development as well as to our professional services and customer care.

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Support Policy

All our support and help desk services are available for both customers and pre-sales inquiries. Basic priority is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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Trademark Policy

We provide a family of limited use artwork for those who wish to show their support for us or our products and services in their website or marketing material.

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Antipiracy Policy

Our motivation in joining antipiracy movement together with the global software companies is our obligation to our licensed customers, our partners and resellers.

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Legal Notices

We make information available on our web sites, subject to these legal notices and terms of use. By accessing these sites, you agree to these terms.

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