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Testing Categories

As a part of our Custom Development Services, we analyze the solution testing requirements. We design the testing strategies according to best industry practices and take into account the following categories.

Performance Testing

Performance testing can be applied to understand your solution, component or system software load tolerance, or to benchmark the performance in your environment of third party products such as servers and middleware for potential purchase.

This sort of testing is particularly useful to identify performance bottlenecks in high hit-rate server based systems. Performance testing generally involves an automated test suite as this allows easy simulation of a variety of normal, peak, and exceptional load conditions.

We can assist you with selecting a testing toolset, defining performance targets and metrics, test design, test development, test execution, and identifying and removing performance bottlenecks. We can also undertake performance testing in our laboratories, providing all the tools and systems needed for your testing project.

Scalability Testing

As an extension to Performance Testing the analysis is focused on scalability on multiple processors, multiple hosts, load balancing and fail over and high availability features. This sort of testing is especially critical for multi-tiered distributed systems.

Functional Testing

We validate that the solution, component or system software conforms to its specifications and correctly performs all its required functions. This entails a series of tests, which perform a feature by feature validation of behavior, using a wide range of normal and erroneous input data. This can involve testing of the solution's user interface, APIs, database usage, security, installation, networking, etc.

We can perform functional testing on an automated or manual basis using black box or white box methodologies.

Regression Testing

Similar in scope to a functional test, a regression test allows a consistent, repeatable validation of each new release of a software solution. Such testing ensures that reported defects have been corrected for each new release and that no new quality problems were introduced in the maintenance process. Though regression testing can be performed manually an automated process is often used to reduce the time and resources needed to perform the required testing.

Conformance Testing

Verifying implementation conformance to domain-specific standards is a fundamental requirement in many industries. We can plan and produce tests to ensure that the behavior of an implementation provides the portability, interoperability, and compatibility features required.

Usability Testing

The user experience, software-user interaction, ease-of-use and ease-of-learning are the top usability areas to evaluate in order to gain better user acceptance.

Usability is the number one critical success factor for any solution. Effective risk management of usability directly impacts the degree of success or failure for a technology project.

Our systematic approach with Usability Inspection, Usability Analysis and Usability Certification with our strong experience in usability risk management ensures that your next solution launch or software development project will pass the ease-of-use and ease-of-learning requirements of the end user.

Usability Inspection identifies usability suspects and determines the overall impact that usability has on the success of the solution. An Inspection identifies high impact usability issues and overall usability design characteristics that put the solution at risk. A Usability Inspection on a prototype is the most cost-effective way to identify significant usability issues and risks in the solution's overall design.

Usability Analysis is crucial in analyzing the usability success of the solution. This can only be identified by carefully examining the solution "through the user's eyes". An Analysis provides your personnel the opportunity to see your solution being used in a controlled laboratory environment. The Analysis uses a cross-functional observation team to uncover critical usability issues, then recommends improvements necessary to manage the usability risk of the solution and offers a prioritized list of actions necessary to reach "Usability Readiness" as quickly as possible.

Usability Certification evaluates the solution for its usability readiness and verifies that all the recommended usability improvements made as a result of the Usability Analysis are successful. The main objective of this evaluation is to identify any remaining usability issues, prioritize the findings and effectively evaluate the solutions overall "Usability Readiness".

Compatibility Testing

We carry out testing to ensure compatibility of your solutions, components or system software with different operating system versions and hardware platforms. We operate a Certification Laboratory offering all the necessary hardware and software for such testing including all available Microsoft technology, also in different language versions. Compatibility testing can be performed manually or can be driven by an automated functional or regression test suite.

User Interface Testing

Most of the software today needs to have an attractive visual User Interface (UI), even server software and system components. The user acceptance and success of your solution can greatly depend on the professional quality, standard compliance, functional correctness, intuition and visual appeal of the UI.

The basic principles and techniques of testing are the same whether you are testing a portal solution, eCommerce, intranet, e-learning or any other kind of software. The test cases contain items regarding physical and logical input and response data, descriptions, validation, limits and boundaries, tab order and keyboard usage, object spacing and alignment, etc, etc.

The process of setting up in-house UI testing can be expensive, both in terms of cost for the tools and effort required to create and maintain the expertise and processes. It is only worth automating UI tests, if they will be run enough times to cover the expense. We operate a Certification Laboratory offering all the necessary hardware and software for such testing including all available Microsoft technology, also in different language versions.


Appropriate and adequately sized Beta Program is an essential requirement for ensuring the production readiness and high quality. Whether you need staff for beta testing organized and managed by your own QA Department, or you need specialized expertise to organize the Beta Testing for you, Neoxen QA & Certification Services is the partner you need.

We provide audit services that help you to achieve your strategic and business objectives. Depending on the scale of your Beta Program we organize Release Certification and Production Readiness Audits, Sanity Checks, Competitive Intelligence, Restricted and International Field Tests.

Test Management

Executing tests is only a part of the testing process. Creating the plans, specifications, metrics and processes together with storing test scripts, running the tests, and inspecting results can take a significant amount of effort.

Adding to this the need to feed the test failures into the defect reporting process, plus the re-running of tests to verify bug fixes, and it can be seen that management of testing is a significant task in its own right; professional Test Management is the essential key to success.

Test Management comprises acceptance of all project results that the project, the "contractor", presents to the solution management team, the "customer". These include business specifications produced during the process, which, after acceptance, themselves form the basis for assigning the task of software implementation, as well as the solution system and its sub-systems, which must be handled as individual solutions.

The risk assessment results in a documented test strategy. We also monitor test projects and our test control matrixes provide you with a daily status update on progress, budget and solution quality.

Proper Test Management can minimize your business risks. We can introduce proven processes and maximize test effectiveness. We can control the test process and ensure that the best test methods are used balancing your project goals and constraints.

When using our Test Management approach the decision to take a system into production will be based on proven requirements and covered business risks.

You can contact Neoxen Sales Department directly for further details.