• Looking for a
    Proven TechnologyPartner?

Looking for a Proven Partner?

Whether your solution needs are in full certification, test plan specification, manual test cycles, test suite automation, or organizing a beta program, we are the right partner for you.

At Neoxen we understand that reliable and robust systems are vitally important to the success of businesses in increasingly dynamic markets. We recognize that proactive, thorough and well designed testing and software certification can prevent highly visible system failures.

Relying on a proven partner with standards compliant Project Model frees your in-house resources to concentrate on your core business, saving your time, resources and money.

We have a solid track record amongst our public sector and business customers. Our assistance can help you to deliver your solution successfully with the quality expected by the users.

Our Dedicated Specialists

The skill set needed for software testing and certification is comparable to that of an engineer in any other sophisticated development activity.

Using our trained experts allows you to keep your engineers and management deployed on your development programs, while ensuring high level of quality assurance for your solution.

This is particularly true for automated software testing. Automated test development has become a discipline unto itself, requiring experience and training to maximize the benefit of an investment in this sort of technology. With our experts you will save in costs and time that would otherwise be spent on recruiting and training in-house test automation specialists.

Why Neoxen?

Neoxen QA & Certification Services provides you with focused experts well acquainted with modern software engineering and certification processes and methodologies. Our expertise and experience offer efficient testing with on-budget and on-time completion.

Our experience and know-how allows us to systematically evaluate system software, applications and components and objectively specify and implement the most effective solutions for testing.

With our acknowledged Neoxen Modus Methodology we have systematic and efficient approach to testing. We have deep understanding of Microsoft system software and technologies as well as application software environments. This allows us to design the right procedures for your solution quality assurance and also assist with identifying corrections for functional problems, performance bottlenecks, scalability problems, etc.

You can contact Neoxen Sales Department directly for further details.