• Investor Relations

In Brief

The mission of Neoxen's investor relations is to inform the financial community about the company’s operations and its business environment as well as to provide current information on the company structure and governance.

Neoxen Systems is a privately held Finnish company incorporated under the laws of Finland having its principal place of business at Turku Finland.

The company was established 2002 with private investment of the founders. Today it is owned by the founders, the key personnel and a privately held investement and development company, NeXifon, Inc.

Corporate Governance

The management and supervision procedure in Neoxen Systems is based on the Companies Act and the company’s own Articles of Association and Corporate Code of Conduct. Corporate management and supervision are divided between the shareholders’ meeting, the Board of Directors, and the CEO as described in the Corporate Governance. The nominated Executive Management Team assists the CEO in day-to-day business.

For more information, please contact Mr. Esa Tervo.